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To raise an awareness and promote an affirmative attitude of the existing as a resource and revaluation through a change in mindset for the design of our future. 

The twelve ‘R’s are a necessity for maintaining a sustainable life.

REFUSE: Make product redundant by abandoning its function or by offering the same function with a radically different product

RETHINK: Make product use more intensive (by sharing product)

REDUCE: Increase efficiency in product manufacture or use by consuming fewer natural resources and materials

REUSE: Reuse by another consumer of discarded product, which is still in good condition and fulfills its original function

REPAIR: Repair and maintenance of defective product so it can be used with its original function

REFURBISH: Restore an old product and bring it up to date

RE-MANUFACTURE: Use parts of discarded product in a new product with the same function

RE- PURPOSE: Use discarded product or its parts in a new product with a different function

RECYCLE: Process materials to obtain the same (high grade) or lower (low grade) quality

RECOVER : Incineration of material with energy recovery