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To work at different urban scales from Macro to Micro to ensure that a holistic vision is maintained.

MACRO:  Cities are the embodiment of economic and social progress, and that their economic strength and vibrancy is indivisible from a fantastic quality and diversity of streets, spaces and buildings.

Districts & Quarters need to be given new identities, new roles and new purposes. Creating the buzz externally and internally about the place.

MIDI: Urban Neighbourhood can provide real and lasting social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits to its residents. To build social capital; nurture culture and cohesion; offer choice and opportunity; offer whole life experience. They form a the building blocks of cities.

MICRO:  Networks & Hubs that people move along and where they intersect are the lifeblood and the hearts of cities. To understand the complex interrelationships between all modes of movement from major city transport corridors to shared surface streets for pedestrians and cyclists.