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Transport Oriented Development (TOD)

Promote higher densities around Transport Oriented Development with mixed land uses

TOD maximises the amount of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport. TOD aims to increase public transport ridership by reducing the use of private cars and by promoting sustainable urban growth. Cities can ensure TOD by focusing on:

Location: Locate stations with highest ridership potential and development opportunities

Distance: Designate 500m to 1000m radius around station as higher density, mixed-use, walkable development

Densities: Create range of densities with highest at station, tapering down to existing neighbourhoods

Multi model connections: Enhance multi-modal connections, making transfers easy, direct, and comfortable

Urban connection: Design station site for seamless pedestrian connections to surrounding development

Place making: Create public plaza directly fronting one or more sides of the station building. Use station as catalyst for major redevelopment of area and great place making around station

Retail: Create retail and cafe streets leading to station entrances along main pedestrian connections

Cycling: Incorporate bike share, a comprehensive bike-way network, and large ride-in bike parking area.

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