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Densification & Intensification

Promote high density with mixed land uses based on an efficient public transport system which encourages walking and cycling

Implement the ‘compact city’ concept; promote high density with mixed land uses, based on an efficient public transport system. The benefits include shorter commute times, reduced environmental impact of the community, and reduced consumption of fossil fuels and energy. Create efficient transport network options within and between neighbourhoods, districts, towns and cities.

Densification and intensification of suburban areas to add new vitality to existing places. Provide a rich range of experiences through the urban grain

Complementary Uses: Provide a rich mix of housing, jobs, schools and retail

Access to local services: Provide community facilities within easy walking distance to meet the daily needs

Green & Open Spaces: Ensure easy access to  leisure spaces to maintain physical and mental health

Continuity: Ensure there is an overall harmonious blend

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