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National Design Guide

On the 1st October 2019, the government launched a National Design Guide (NDG) to show how well-designed places that are ‘beautiful, enduring and successful’ can be achieved. The NDG is intended to help local authorities achieve quality and excellence in design but also asks them to prepare and implement their own design guides in line with the national standard.

The National Design Guide is based on the National Planning Policy Framework which highlights that a fundamental part of the planning and development process is creating high quality buildings and places. At the heart of this process is good design which is defined as being:

The NDG outlines the government’s priorities in the form of 10 characteristics which are brought together in a well-designed place and help nurture and sustain a sense of community:

  1. Context – enhances the surroundings.

  2. Identity – attractive and distinctive.

  3. Built form – a coherent pattern of development.

  4. Movementaccessible and easy to move around.

  5. Nature – enhanced and optimised.

  6. Public spaces – safe, social and inclusive.

  7. Uses – mixed and integrated.

  8. Homes and buildings – functional, healthy and sustainable.

  9. Resources – efficient and resilient.

  10. Lifespan – made to last.

These characteristics can work together to create physical character, help nurture and sustain a sense of community and address environmental issues affecting climate.

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