The airport sits between two islands separated by ocean. Mountains on the islands were flattened. Inchon airport was set up to serve as the focus for transatlantic and inter-alia trade and commercial activities.

The Transportation Centre was won in international competition and was planned to bring together all forms of transportation into one location before entry into the airport terminal, thus it houses five rail systems, including: intercity, airport express and light-rail networks, a bus and coach station as well as taxi bays and car parks. The Centre design is primarily passenger-centered and all the components are strategically positioned to allow the seamless transition from one mode of transport to another.

A freestanding structures create a strong physical and psychological gateway in and out of the country. 


Incheon International Airport Corporation 



Proposed Uses


Site Area


Gross Internal Area

250,000 sq.m


Number of Dwellings


Plot Ratio



£455 Million

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