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Raj Rooprai to join The Bartlett UCL Faculty of The Built Environment as Postgraduate Teaching Assistant


The Postgraduate Teaching Assistantship (PGTA) at The Bartlett UCL Faculty of The Built Environment tasks include leading tutorial groups and marking essays and will contributes to students' intellectual development and grasp of built environment

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparation of standard material and questions for discussion about the tutorial topic.

  • Instructing students in tutorials by means of presentation, discussion of problems and the solution of questions on the tutorial topic.  

  • Demonstrating techniques and equipment.

  • Giving guidance to students on how to produce work at an appropriate academic level.

  • Marking of assignments, essays and exams

  • Giving feedback to students on their presentation, performance and academic work.

  • Obtaining support from senior staff to ensure that revision is provided on course material.

  • Collaborating with Teaching Assistant colleagues to exchange information on topics taught.         

  • Referring student personal problems to the departmental tutor.

  • Carrying out administration of the tutorial process, including monitoring attendance.

  • To actively follow and promote UCL policies, including Equal Opportunities;

  • To uphold confidentiality in regards to students records and marks;

  • To engage with all training required to support the role.

I look forward to pass on my experience and assist in creating the next generation urban designers  and develop their key skills and prepare them for industry.

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